The best way to reach us is to fill out the contact form found on the Contact Us page. This form provides us all the information we need to determine how we might be able to help you with evaluation or assessment services. You’ll be contacted by our practice administrator or one of our clinicians to get further clarify your needs, discuss fees and possible insurance benefits, or refer you to other professionals, if appropriate. If it is determined that an evaluation or counseling will meet your needs, an intake session will be scheduled and you will receive intake forms through our practice portal.

Evaluation FAQs

Parents seeking assessment for their child will attend the intake interview without their child.  This meeting will take approximately 1-2 hours.  Testing will occur over 1-2 sessions of 3-6 hours each, depending on the focus of the evaluation.  A final feedback session will provide a thorough discussion of the results and parents will be provided with a comprehensive report with results, interpretation, and recommendations.

Please bring the following additional documents to the intake session:

  • Current report cards or work samples
  • Individualized Education Plans, Section 504 Plans, or accommodation plans
  • Evaluations conducted by school or other private professionals
  • Medical records or reports that are related to the presenting concern
  • As with any office, the temperature can vary. Consider bringing a jacket or sweater to ensure your/your child’s comfort.
  • Make sure you/your child gets a good night of sleep and eats a filling breakfast
  • If you/your child wears eye glasses, make sure he/she has them
  • If you/your child takes medication on a regular basis, please take as prescribed, unless requested by the evaluator.
  • Please reassure your child that there will be no ‘shots’ like at their pediatrician’s office
  • Most clients find many parts of the assessment fun or at least interesting. At worst, they find some parts boring!
  • Feel free to bring a snack and water as breaks will be taken throughout the assessment process.

Counseling FAQs

The intake session will last 60 to 90 minutes.  The purpose of the intake session is to meet the therapist, discuss details about the problem that brings you or your child to therapy, and establish initial goals for working together in counseling. It is often appropriate for parents to attend this session without their child so that open and frank information can be shared and discussed.

Your therapist will make a recommendation for frequency of counseling session.  However, most of the time you can expect to meet with your counselor once per week for a 50 minute counseling session.

In addition to traditional “talking” therapy, counseling with children will often include playing games, engaging in arts and crafts, or using imaginary play activities and role-play.

Please be aware that there is no supervised area in our waiting room for children or siblings.